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From December 1996 to 2018




Intelligent Space is a way to perceive our inner and outer worlds and to realise they seem to be the basis of nature's intelligence when we come to learn how sound patterns build sensory and real pictures in our minds. The animal and plant kingdoms seem to take this for granted but we have to learn this from scratch as we were thrown out of paradise many generations ago for not realising how the senses should not be overridden by levels of nature which do not belong together. For example we still try and learn about the emotions and senses through material examples rather than approaching nature from the finer and holographic energies upwards into the material levels.

What you will find..... In the first two books I give you ideas to follow either for yourself alone at home or in a group on how to understand sensitivity without making yourself unfit in this topsy-turvy world. "Sensitivity“ is for those who have a little meditation or yoga understanding but it is not necessary and tells how we can analyse our world without ruining our sense of existence but still develop. Here Book 10 "Golden Thread Part 1 can be sued as a simpler mirror of "Sensitivity". "Creative Management" is for those of you who are really involved in social questions, but maybe this other side of the inner workings of nature is worthwhile reading about. In this book I have started to explain the ideas about "Time Sharing“, which asks us to really think again about how we create and share in these days when the ecology of this little planet has to be considered many times over as to how we can change our patterns of valuing and sharing behaviour.


The idea of “Intelligent Space“ is developed slowly within the other books (No.3 onwards) so you can come to perceive how spatial experience containing sound, music and colour is used in communication between people in everyday life such as between members of a family, as well as in sophisticated industrial situations. I put forward ideas of a trend which is already happening and whose roots reach way back in history, the trend  that brings our technological world into the world of art, music and other cultural happenings. “Intelligent  Space“ shows how we can "use" nature to experience the world of art and spirit more consciously because it is intelligent in itself, and it also shows how we may be experiencing the world of elements, quantum energy and senses as we move around. We show how tone and colour form the imagination go together to form material. This means the material world, including the forming of feelings and their release comes from thought. We come into reaction through direct contact with what we make material, whether it be emotions or solid objects. Here buildings play a very holistic or "Holy" role in supporting a Universal structure which seems to comprise copies in micro and macro worlds of the cell and genetics as well as in the Cosmic development of Intelligence. The purpose of our lives and even of our death then can be far better understood when we come to recognize what nature is trying to do with space. The text contains poems running through most of the books and ideas of music emanating from myself and from others, parallel with the description, and so we acquire both the descriptive and artistic approaches. I have also painted pictures and done a great amount of graphic work to support this Noetic thesis stating that Spirituality, Art, Philosophy, Genetics and Quantum Physics, the social sciences are interconnected subjects only separated by a thin veil of mental perception.      ...    please order over this E-mail: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! or Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!     also  

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BOOKS…..  description found below listings

1. Creative Management and Time Sharing...
As the title states it is about managing your creative but done in a way that we realise how “consciousness” works to create “holograms” both on the sense + image level.
incl. Appendix 231 + 70  pages .. written between 1987 and 1988.          Last edit 2009

2. Sensitivity.......
This book can be read at home or experienced in a group as a course. It includes poetry and music cassettes which can be used to help the experiences along .... It is about becoming “sensitive” to what makes us tick so senses can be opened and closed in rhythm to the cycles around us…
331 plus pages.  Poetry available on its own...Written between 1989 and 1991.         Last Edit 2005

3. Initiation. This is a continuation of No.2  "Sensitivity".
232 pages.  Poetry available alone....    Written in 1991.                New Edition 2004
This section is about the senses of life and their movement.

4. Ultimate Freedom  Mostly to read at home. It continues the group development of Book in No. 2 + 3....
"How to Understand the Symbols of Consciousness".   
(292 pages).   Poetry available alone .. Written 1991.  New Edition 2006

5.  The Incarnation Body + The Higher Form and The Social Group Conscious.... 
This rounds off the initial themes of No. 2 to 4.  (343 pages)   
This is divided into three parts: The Incarnation Body, The Higher Form and the Social Group Consciousness.
Poetry is available on its own. Written 1991.  New Edition 2008

6. The Appendix
This is the main hub of the Consciousnesses, their description with the symbols (70 pages)

Picture Appendix "The Sacred Symbols". An enjoyable way to start the whole process (see also CD Intelligent Space)  75 Pages

7.  Love, The Way, Creation (650 + pages)  Politic and Freedom,  Importance and Authority,   
Music-Time Packages, Women- imagination, dreaming + learning
                      New edition 2009
This includes poetry and description of the consciousnesses at work....

8.Cultural, Pivot, Body Consciousnesses..                 New edition in 2012
War and the Devil- Social Demise, Individuality - The City of Reality
The High Point - The Development of Love + Natural Consciousness'.  ........
The description of the Body-Pivot Cultural Consciousness' and how the whole comes together.   Together:   710 Pages

9. Putting Existence Together.... Written between 1992 and 1995  New edition in 2014

10. The Golden Thread.. Part One.... a simpler version of "Sensitivity" to read at home in a cosy corner.                 

                                     Part Two…  a simpler version of “Initiation” to read at home…

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Biography...     see below



1.  Sensitive Intellectuality.... the Reality of the New Age.  Ref. 3.90

2.  Sensitive Mind + Hand, Decision Making, Ecological Mind + Body then Earth. Ref. 4.90

3.  Economy and the Hidden Hand.  Ref. 6.90

4.  Ownership; Sharing and Exchange  Ref. 7.90

5.  Family and the Group  Ref. 8.90

6.  Stop Waiting for Money.. sharing time + nature's energy values.  Ref. 9.90

7.  The Classical Flow... Time Space Mechanics.  Ref. 3.91

8.  Love + Meditation.. group + personal religious practice or a failure to create. Ref. 9.92

9.  The Meaning of Astrology in Religion in our Time  Ref. 1.95

10. Holistic Health.. do not forget the hidden factor- Consciousness, Time + Space, Environment.  Ref. 2.95

11. Educational Centre... Consciousness, Symbols in the Natural + Scientific World.

12. Intelligent Space for the Medicine of the Future. Ref. 3.95

13. What is Intelligent Space.... Ref. 12.95

Before I start the description I should like to give my thanks individually to all these people who helped me or allowed me to work together on these important themes:

Prof. Georg Hadjinikos.     Prof of music at the Royal College of Music, Manchester. He helped me to understand sound and make music as my piano and music teacher for many years as a young teenager.

Prof . T.G. Krishna Murthy.  Prof. Of Bio medic. at Bangalore University, India. Under his wing we came to many medical conferences around the world. He considers that I paint a way to a “new” deeper world that is well worth following ….

Prof. Joseph Eichmeier.    Prof of Eingineering at the T.U. University, München. With his help I was able to put together a proper description of my bio-medical work allowing me to present ideas at a Finnish Med. Conf.

Prof. Fritz Popp.      Prof for Bio-Physics at Bio-Physics Inst. Neuss. A few experiments were made into the effect of sounds on Bio- Photons. The idea that space is intelligent has been discussed and considered a way for future work…

Prof. Andre Pilon.        Prof. for Social Health + Welfare, San Paulo Uni, Brazil. A considerable amount of help has been given to support this work by passing me name and addresses of institutes and conferences I might work together with.

Julian Scutts.       English language teacher in Erkelenz, FRG. I can highly recommend a visit to his web site Both have work together for many years on the theme of wandering and the deeper meaning of words, events in history and the theme of the Pied Piper.

Dr. Dr. Theol. Ingrid Sherman. First Lady of Poetry, USA, Psychic readings and Healing … Dr Sherman and I have had close contact for many Years. There have been many aspects of support from both sides in over 20 years contact…. 

Prof. Dr. Ervin Laszlov, Zukunftsforscher,. President Club of Budapest,  an organisation which supports the search for an ecological approach to nature and existence. This is not just on the physical level but to find a spiritual way that is supportive of existence…

The Duke of Edinburgh   … the Royal Household of the United Kingdom …. After sending in some of my early works I received a supportive letter to my original ideas from the Duke with great gratitude. 

Dr Eckart Wilkens. VHS Köln, Music Dept. His interest in this work and his involvement with various experiments into the psychic effect on the body and mind since the mid’90’s. That there is a relationship between the Acupuncture points in the body and the world of Consciousnesses come alive so that the Developmental and Universal Models become a reality.

Dr med. Folker Meissner.   This medical doctor in the field of “energy medicine” for over 20 years has stated the necessity that this material should be known “around the world” because of its innovative and correlating evidence that many areas of our lives are interlinked. The descriptions bring together these many different parts to show our place in existence…

Prof Dr. Peter Wunck.  This work in the field of Quantum Physics and studying and working under Heisenberg’s and Planck’s work and then later in life with reincarnation and clairvoyance made for a most intriguing understanding of this future orientated work within my Inner Sound work.

Others down the way of life are also thanked….

Over many years Mr Holland has take part in various Medical Conferences around the world....

Through the help of various professors and doctors there was a joint action to take part in putting over new forms of health management by bring people and groups together rather than fighting over the various technologies and therapies...

Dallas- Fort Worth... IEEE "Therapeutic Techniques in a new Form"

Lyon, France... WHO Conference on Health for All in the Future.... "Alternative Therapy Centre with Appropriate Technology"...

Madras India... Energy Medicine Conference.. "New Age Therapy Centre + Electro-magnetic Hand Therapy"

Bangalore, India.... International Conf. on Yoga Research + Applications... "Individual Yoga, Medial Training + Mediation"....

SSHC.. Systems Science in Health Care... WHO.. Prague... CZ. " Integrated Therapy Center"

Deutsche Akademie für Energie Medizin u Bio Energetik … Symposium May 2010 über „Bewusstsein, Klang u Symbolen; Geheim Codex oder Normalität?“

Katholisches Bildungswek Stadt Köln, Caritassverband St Martin, Köln.....
Course about Music, Sound and Space and Time, personal deepening, memory,

Centro D'Ompio, nr Omenga, N. Italy...
Course about Space, Consciousness and Existence ... workshop as to how space really works on the deep psyche...

Bürgehaus Stollwerk, Südstatt, Köln.....
Course about Sensitivity and Consciousness... workshop evening about sound, music, meditation role play and identity....

Eins Center, Köln-Ehrenfeld...
Course and meditation evenings about finding oneself on a more personal basis

Other courses about managing your creativity and finding out what we really wish to do from their deepest roots.....

Music used “Preludium + Introduction” for art exhibition in Köln-Deutz , Kunst Verein “Alte Hagen Batterie Fabrik

Musik used in ’95 in a art exhibition of Aborigine Cultural Art in Köln, Media Park.

Prize won for Poetry book collection in  called “God Ahead”

5 Star rating for my Website from Wikopedia for the Art work as basis of this theme Hermetic structures, Da Vinci Codex….



Back in 1984 I started my writing career seriously using my spare time to compose poetry and other pieces which have been spurred over the years by other poets, writers and musicians, even those of world renown. In 1986 I was contemplating, while doing an astrology course, that there was a way to incorporate my spiritual and social themes into my interest in space, sound, colour and music and theories on how society works. By 1988 I was writing full time after giving up my partnership in a "Natural Medical Practice" where I was using my sensitivity to prescribe the right herbs, homeopathic medicines and preparing mental and spiritual exercises. I was finding that my thoughts were very intense as I was preparing material for courses under the theme "Creative Management" and "Sensitivity". From 1985 to 1992 I and a professor as colleague developed the idea of incorporating these scientific ideas on consciousness and other methods of healing and medicine under the heading "System Science in Health Care". We submitted them to medical conferences under this same title with great interest being evinced in them. In the mean time I have become member of The Institute of Noetic sciences in California and other frontier science organisations and we are looking for projects to incorporate these ideas. I am also in contact with various Natural and Quantum Scientists and we wish to start experiments to show the interconnectedness between sound, colour, holography, lasers and the world of Quantum Physics and Genetics. For the last two years I have been developing psycho-acoustics in such a way that we have formed a planning office to incorporate the size of rooms and design factors in the use of ecological building materials to build family houses suitable for this creative way of life. In due course courses will be offered again in “Creative Management and Sensitivity”.

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PRICE LIST                                                                   Ed. 3/2018

These are for both Printed + download versions

1. Creative Management and Time Sharing...                                        25€
incl. Appendix 231 + 70 pages .. written between 1987 and 1988.

2.Sensitivity.......                                                                                 25€ + Poems 16€
This book can be read at home or experienced in a group as a course. It includes poetry and music CD’s which can be used to help the experiences along ....
331 plus pages.       Poetry available on its own... Written between 1989 and 1991.

3.  Initiation.                                                                                       20€ + Poems 10€
This is a continuation of No.2  "Sensitivity". 264 pages.  Poetry available alone....    Written in 1991.
This section is about the senses of life and their movement.

4. Ultimate Freedom                                                                           10€ + Poems 4€
Mostly to read at home. It continues the group development of No.2+3....
292 pages.   Poetry available alone .. Written 1991.
"How to Understand the Symbols of Consciousness".

5.  The Incarnation Body + The Higher Form and The Social                      12€ + Poems 4€
Group Conscious....      343 pages This rounds off the initial themes of No. 2 to 4. Poetry is available on its own. Written 1991.
This is divided into three parts: The Incarnation Body, The Higher Form and the Social Group Consciousness.

6. The Appendix                                                                                  20€
This is the main hub of the Consciousness' and their description with the symbols....    70 pages

 6. A. A Picture Appendix called "The Sacred Symbols"...  An enjoyable way to start the whole process (see also CD Intelligent  Space Music)  ...140 pages           

7.  Love, The Way, Creation        (new edition 2009)                               25€ +  Poems 8€
Politic and Freedom         Importance and Authority          Music-Time Packages          Women- imagination, dreaming + learning... approx 650 pages
This includes poetry and description of the consciousness' at work....

8.Cultural, Pivot, Body Consciousness'.. (new edition 2012 )                       25€  +   Poems 7€
War and the Devil- Social Demise ,   Individuality - The City of Reality,       The High Point - The Development of Love + Natural Consciousness'.  ........
The description of the Body-Pivot Cultural Consciousness' and how the whole comes together. 710 Pages

9. Putting Existence Together....
Written between 1992 and 1995                                    (new edition 2017)

10. The Golden Thread..
Part One.... a simpler version of "Sensitivity" to read at home in a cosy corner.   84 pages            10€
Part Two…. A simpler version of “Initiation”  … 224 pages                                                        20€


Articles....  Cost €2,50 each

1.  Sensitive Intellectuality.... the Reality of the New Age.  Ref. 3.90

2.  Sensitive Mind + Hand, Decision Making, Ecological Mind + Body then Earth. Ref. 4.90

3.  Economy and the Hidden Hand.  Ref. 6.90

4.  Ownership; Sharing and Exchange  Ref. 7.90

5.  Family and the Group  Ref. 8.90

6.  Stop Waiting for Money.. sharing time + nature's energy values.  Ref. 9.90

7.  The Classical Flow... Time Space Mechanics.  Ref. 3.91

8.  Love + Meditation.. group + personal religious practice or a failure to create. Ref. 9.92

9.  The Meaning of Astrology in Religion in our Time  Ref. 1.95

10. Holistic Health.. do not forget the hidden factor- Consciousness, Time + Space, Environment.  Ref. 2.95

11. Educational Centre... Consciousness, Symbols in the Natural + Scientific World.

12. Intelligent Space for the Medicine of the Future. Ref. 3.95

13. What is Intelligent Space.... Ref. 12.95


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Music - John E. Holland-Laurentius

Trance, Medial Music, Experimental Music..  see below for listing

Trance                   90   min's 17€ Each/jeder

              1. without title

              2. "Wedding Dance +Separation"

              3. "Buddha's Dance + Eastern Meditation Bells"

              4. "Life + Dreams"

              5. "Not There + There"

              6. "Location - spirit + Material

 "Medial Music"..            60 min.'s 15€ Each/jeder

               1. Sleeping + Waking"

               2. Stillness - Source of Unity

               3. Stress + Pressure

               4. Senses

               5. Language + Communication

               6. Breathing + Sound +  Movement

               7. Roots and Position

    Experimental "Music Performances" titles: As above 90mins 17€ + 60mins 15€

         60 mins.   1. Preludium + Introduction

         90             2. The Universal Pyramid

         60             3. Consciousness'

         60             4. The Entrance to the World of  Soul, Spirit - Time Dimension.

        60             5. Four Seasons

        60             6. Purity

        60             7. The Day

        60             8. The Pied Piper

        74             9.  Intelligent Space “two” (see Picture Appendix)

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1. Creative Management and Time Sharing...

incl. Appendix 159 pages .. written between 1987 and 1988.Edition 2004

This is made up of various interesting themes which I originally introduced in a course of the same name helping individuals to find their way through their inner mind so that they can start to be more creative. The end part is given over to "Time Sharing“, an idea which was born of the fact that, if space is to be made intelligent, it has to be differentiated into naturally intelligent areas on the respective level of the mental, the physical and its so-called body-pivot values, as culture. Although the course was written for intellectual and management people it was imparted in its core form to any of those who felt they had started a deeper way of living.....

The various titles are: 
Awareness what is wrong.     The Three Levels of Intelligence.      Down to Earth.  
What are we trying to Manage Creatively.    Where is creativity?     Case Studies of the Everyday.     Us as Intelligent System.      Natural Influences from the Past.   Reality and Purity.    Areas of Movement - Development.  How do we achieve Intelligence and Survival.   The Individual and Group Creativity.        The Learning Process.     Real Decision Making     Management Observation     Observation through Sensitivity.    The Creative System.    Life is Movement.     From Imagination to Creativity.     Political Mix.. choosing ideas.     History - Commercialism - Evolution - Depth of field - Communication.

Time Sharing.
I wish to demonstrate the ideas that we live on various “geo-plates” and that these interlink to form our behaviour patterns for good and ill according to how we read our own harmony in and around us. First we have to understand energy and how we can identify this in our lives. I wish to show that social values have to be in harmony with nature but we have to realise that if a person is left to his or her own devices, nature will still rule the way. In nature there are different plates with mirror images whose focus we have to change to survive. We have to be careful of the difference between high and mighty social rules and those dispensed by nature. Much of the text, as in the course generally, uses headings, so we can start to ask questions and look to see just what these ideas are in terms of our present "think again" attitudes because so many of our cultural values have changed. I introduce the idea of using a 12-number system as with the months of the years, or the musical key system and astrology to provide values of existence which can be mixed in new configurations or given a sequence which allows us to show basic existential values. Symbols are  formed from these basic energy resonance effects, and I wish to show that our mental and physical environment plays a very important role in real creativity and eventual sharing, and we have to be careful about wishful thinking.

Time Sharing introduces the idea that we should insert real Time and Energy factors into our economics on a natural level so we do not overreach ourselves in our natural habitat but rather should ensure that everything be given a value which is real to the environmental use and life cycles before we start to understand sharing and know how we are to balance the books within real time periods, where nature has a habit of introducing destructive elements, instead of giving into our grab-and-run mentality to make profits even when we introduce a so-called recycling system into our economies. Revaluation according to nature's spaces is the key to cultural survival.

2. Sensitivity.......

This book can be read at home or experienced in a group as a course. It includes poetry and music cassettes which can be used to help the experiences along ....
295 plus pages.       Poetry available on its own... Written between 1989 and 1991.  Edition 2005

Meditation and stillness are considered quite usual matters in which to be interested in this day and age. We have to be careful not to misuse the inner experience, and this is  because it appears to have three different main forms. These denote the body, the mental processes and a possible Universal form which comes into play when any space realises its Universal values and resonance effects  from holography  down to the design and architecture of a city. Maybe these Universal spatial values are best known in Yoga and in Eastern meditation through an uncluttered approach to existence. As well as in these cases they are found in a new realisation that these Universal values can be found in Universal designed buildings like our European Gothic cathedrals and in pure shaped designed forms and buildings. Most of us have the use of a Universal creative impulse in our lives which society should better use and so harness like elementary powers in nature. That means areas can work better with each other, and this should entail adding new professions to our civilisation. The book is written from the base of artistic appreciation using the poetical form and with the use of music and art form. In this way we can help the personality to know the great variety of possibilities we have in the existential world. It should allow for a better exchangeable nature. I consider it is the fact we have so many twelve-orientated systems like kabala, astrology, the 12-tone musical system of the western world which give values which can be refined into an existential system. This runs parallel with our world of play where playing cards show how life and death forces work on us. I found that there was a natural creativity in writing poetry which I turned into a 12 System.

The 12 Parts of these books are:
God Ahead,          Compromise,               From Hell to Utopia,           Personalities, Symbols of Christ,           Divisions of Life,            Love to Marriage,             Spirit,      Spiral,                The Giving of the Son,                 God, the Complete Transformation,   The Alpha and Omega ... the Way back to the Future.

Here, I'm not scared to use the latent spirituality within the words to evoke a sense of a heightened perception. If we can surmount the everyday rather than have our noses dragged through the turmoil then we have a possibility to make both dynamic changes to our life which harbour understanding as we are able to centre our reality and the world around. It is a developmental process which requires us to understand how time and space work. As I've done this in course form, I suggest ways to do simple exercises, perceive inner and outer values and come clear with our bodies through breathing exercises so as to release stress and to understand what stress and stillness really mean.

I introduce the idea that confined space in itself is "Intelligent", whether it be in the form of cell structures, buildings, our minds or the space between Electro-magnetic walls of energy. It contains all the values which make up the Universal nature of all space. This we personally can find in its various form in the countryside and in large, specially designed buildings. but we have to realise that all the values cannot be experienced all the time, hence the necessity to focus on different matters. The "Holy Point" could be considered to be the Altar and it allows us to perceive nature's balance between life and death, or should it be explained as Anti-material and Material!? Here we may come to know how the elements can be placed together but not worked with directly because they have such different rules of nature, except later when they lead us to understand time and protected areas. I explain the use of the mind and its clarity when we are involved with relationships that are too near, or with some  people, too far which make others think we are not here. This should not bring it about that people are "crucified" and become social outcasts because they have capacities to know the inner values of this land between life and death.

I have written a more concise version of this book in my latest "The Golden Thread".....

3. Initiation. This is a continuation of No.2  "Sensitivity"...
232 pages.  Poetry available alone....    Written in 1991.  Edition 2006

This section is about the senses of life and their movement. As with all these books in this series, it has a Joker, a practical exercise to prepare for the inner experience. "Initiation" is about body and mind co-ordination which runs parallel with the effect of the Cosmos on the material Earth and is consistent with the way in which movement of particles and elements produce cultural shapes. This affects our whole stance in regard to the way in which we relate  to each other and in our evaluation of good and bad in a relative world. I go deeper into the astrology and its symbols as a useful language to explain the creative and existential system. Exercises are given to help us explain the inner world of polarity, perception and the possibility to feel and ask ourselves where we really are. It embraces the world of decisions and the modus in which nature reveals different perspectives according to the way we look at the world around us and view how space works on us through our powers of focus. We go deeper into the intellectual consciousness system and study how numbers and their series create the very mechanisms which support the world of spirit before it springs into the material framework. In this book many diagrams are used to help us to think in multi-dimensional planes. I use poetry and music to help concentrate the mind on its inner values, so feelings play a very important role in identifying the inner and outer values.

The following chapters mirror themselves in the poetry:
A Dance of Clarity + The Surface of Balance....   
The Existence of Nature + The Future of Nature Secured.....   
The Art of Colours + The Material of Life ...... 
The Microcosm of Totality + The Cosmos of Knowledge........   
The Transformed Emotions  +  The Dissolving of Understanding ......   
The Clown of the Material  +  The Perfect Creation.....

Although I use numbers and other symbols, which may bluff some readers and strain the mind, I use tables and diagrams as a system of reference until we can make instant cross-references. This I consider important because the mind needs concentration to make it move onto the next level or plain of knowledge allowing us to open up to the original holographic knowledge and its Universal switch so as to enable us to know that we are on the right lines of karmic reaction. Even so, I explain the dangers of knowledge and the way we can get back to sources and roots so as not to feel depressed and lost. Time and again, I explain failures in the outer world which we adopt as our own and so drown or become too fiery. From this point on, I explain what we can do to understand these values and often with help afforded by the explanation, just resolve the trouble by opening the horizons.

Initiation is about how we handle the material world and how we can get used to more than just feeling warmth and cold but also to getting into the polarities of substances, their effect on us and how they change their reaction as we move ourselves and the substances around. Likewise, key areas of the Universal area are explained so that we can understand how key energies are channelled to obtain key knowledge of inner nature. At times I use language which might appear artistic to many but it has the effect of bringing the imagination into a key role, and this is important if we wish to release nature's inner message so that our mind's open to the Universal. This I know from experience is the key to releasing the inner values of existence, and initiation has nothing to do with ritual "killings", strange backbreaking tasks or mobbing-like behaviour of the kind frequently employed by group members to bring one of their number up or down to "their" level. Initiation is about being fit in the matter of feeling nature and knowing what we can do to create with this art and how this then harmonises into the social group.

4. Ultimate Freedom

Mostly to read at home. It continues the group development of Book No.2+3....
(160 pages).   Poetry available alone .. Written 1991.   Edition 2006

"How to Understand the Symbols of Consciousness".

Joker Three asks the question: how do we really share and introduce the idea of an "Existential" system following the twelve-tone music system in all its colour to produce psychic effects? However, I incorporate the values of an Astrological system because they show existential values of intelligence within nature and consequently, in us. The twelve values are clearly charted using their core values which may be baffling in their simplicity. This method allows for the words to find their core value in us using simple stillness. We can use them in a way permitting us to attain a better intelligence and therefore understanding and to find their Universal roots. I start by explaining an awareness curve within nature and how decisions of "Yes and No" are released in the mind but find their reality on another level of existence, whether it be a question of soul-like, material or highly strung emotions. Often I've observed amongst spiritual people a reversal of this Yes - No sequence of the every-day practical side of life and the reality finishes up inside out because we should realise that the spirituality is coming from the "Anti-material" and has to first meet the world of earthly senses before we can make real material and exchangeable decisions. This means the decision is relevant to practical existence.

Many people are "mobbed" or bullied or in some other way cannot really find themselves creatively, and it is important to mentally find ourselves out of the muddle of being pushed backward and forwards mentally and socially. So I start the idea of making resonance forms between the individual symbolic values one-to-twelve, making a "Consciousness System". These values are what I call “the Image”, Transformation and Creation values of foundation value, and are found throughout philosophy, religion and science. Here, I'm not trying to latch onto any hierarchy-based cultural system but lead the way back into pre-history and fundamental values so that we can rediscover existence for ourselves without making ourselves unfit in this  tension-filled world. The Consciousness System is a highly intellectual system which I've found works in counselling, but I'm looking to find its corroboration in the world of lasers and holography with top quantum experts and scientists specializing in other fields.

The second part of the book goes on to explore the fact that awareness and gravity cannot come about until Anti-material or spirituality and its physical opposite, material, really exist separately and so it is important to have a life which includes many different facets to allow us to expand and contract them and consequently the different seasons of a year are in balance because we can change between mind and body flexibly. I then go on to describe how the different energies combine to form a sequence found in a "Developmental System". This can only happen when we come to see that holographic information really exists when knowledge seems to fragment although somehow the core and essence remain intact. I introduce the idea that we have different time values and dimensions which affect each task we do separately. I introduce the idea that creation has "Stages" and develops into a multi-dimensional experiential system where mind and body can pick up different vibrations and then work out new combinations but remain intact with separate values which support us.

The titles are:
The Preparation,  The Ground,  Death or Life
Peace... Settling... Home,  Balance.. Pivot,   Pure Change.
Action's Duality,   Love and Enjoyment,  Flow's Perception
Intelligence,  God's Creation,   Time in Timeless - Timeless in Time.

Perhaps it is wise to say here that none of these early books should be taken with a goal in mind but should be used to allow certain themes and perceptions to take root so that our world is seen from many different perspectives rather than from just a few. In this way we can see how others get into a jam or a good flow and can start to flow or die. The world of the East and the West should melt together to form a new structure which combines values of mental fineness with the fineness of the material culture and in this way we shall gain values which resolve themselves on both levels .. we gain the ultimate freedom because we can change the direction of perception and understand. Both are valid but they belong to the different worlds of Quantum and Material knowledge clearly defined.

5.   The Incarnation Body + The Higher Form and The Social Group Conscious....

This is divided into three parts: The Incarnation Body, The Higher Form and the Social Group Consciousness.
(145 pages) This rounds off the initial themes of Nr2 to 4. Poetry is available on its own. Written 1991.  Edition 2006

The last Joker, number four is to make us open up to the key points within our bodies and minds. We have to come to realise how we are perceiving so we can pick up the sense signals which give us the capability to see the difference between "everything" and the detailed world influenced by how we find the working of certain aspects belonging only to specific areas, until we personally find they are normal. We have to be able to perceive how energy reacts on our personally reactive inner core and how it is assimilated into physical personal understanding and use in the material world. Much has to do with defining loudness and the quality of communication, sound, cultural music and the space where we are perceiving. A great help is afforded by the use of refining thinking so, as in Yoga, we can feel the effects of great philosophical values like those associated with God and the Virgin etc. and this allows us to form crystalline mirrors and so we can identify ourselves and the environment. These seem to run parallel to the world of Quantum Physics.

We can best do this with the help of movement and dance while in a meditative trance. We can feel ourselves moving from a "time" involvement with thoughts that move in our physical world into a world where we feel colour and light, with the feelings of a world that has to do with primary values of nature. We can find this out when we translate this world into the one of feeling when experienced in a religious building, and then see the transcendental nature of the cultural symbols which litter this material world. We have a tendency in our physical world to know it so well that we are in fact in spirituality, and when something "strange" comes along we say we have no time because we are so spiritual. I describe where we find the levels of spirit, material, environment etc. which allow us to build a map showing us how to steer our lives.

We should realise that incarnation is about image on the holographic level and how incomplete image information comes back to built clear universal images which are stable and we have to realise how even within this energy there is an existence of polarities and it is not everlasting. By releasing the heart so it is not hurt, we can come to realise that image mechanism which is imprisoned so the holism of the world around can come back into clear, physical form. We can release this level by lying down or recalling the dream phase and this will open up the inner axis of inner knowledge and so build mirrors in our mind. These are reflected in our spatial experience when we realise our thoughts and feelings are different as we move round a room, particularly when it is "Holy".

Modern existence often denies the existence of day and night cycles because we are often in lighted rooms or have jobs which deny the seasonal changes of the planet. We should release ourselves with music and movement which have a personal realisation and this will free the breath. I go on to describe the trouble with modern day existence and how we can use that inner Universal mind knowledge to understand dogmatism, but if we are too superficial with the Universal perception then we shall succumb to the dogmatism. Our heart will be broken very easily. We have to maintain a certain separateness from the group if we do not wish to fall, which means we should not fall into other's narcissistic tendencies when they feel down.

The book is divided into Introduction - Exoteric - Esoteric - Combination ...

Then comes The "Higher Form" where we learn how time stands still and we can observe the aeons of time passing us by. Here we can observe how the different values have certain important values so that life's automatic political sequence takes place as each part of the creation requires another set of laws to make sure it survives in the areas where it can do the most good. I start to fix in diagrammatic form how time runs around us and through us. The Universal Consciousness should run through us as the resonance points which resonate together to make key values real. This allows us to come to the "Social + Group Consciousness" which, as the book shows, is the importance of "Balanced Creativity" if we are to carry on sharing and keeping economies going.

6. The Appendix

This is the main hub of the Consciousness' and their description with the symbols....   (75 plus pages)

6.A.    The Sacred Symbols....               142 Pages

This is a basic start to the understanding of "Consciousness"..... It is divieded into the Symbols. Artistic Approach and how Science at the deep level of sensed experience works one into another...

7. Love, The Way, Creation   Politic and Freedom,      Importance and Authority,    Music-Time Packages,

Women- imagination, dreaming + learning,                      This includes poetry and description of the consciousness' at work....(660 pages)

The price includes the Appendix.. Poetry on its own available... Written between 1990 and 1992.     New edition ca 2010

This book is an intermediate area of exploration of various themes which seem fundamental to modern-day living before we discover new ground in assessing just what culture is. I start by taking fundamental areas about love, ways and creation and place them in the light of "Intelligent Space". Again poetry and music play a key role to set the scene. Themes include Love, Ownership, Illusions, Idealism, Hope and Depression, Fineness of Creation. In the first book I wish to show it is impossible to follow all truths yet we have to have some sort of truth which we can call Universal in regard to our lives but which is flexible enough to break out into new ground. We should follow the inner truth of the area we are in by coming to understand its "Dream field". I go back to describe the "Imagination" cycle and how we should come to understand an inner "Temple" where we can come to know the Prime Quantum Energies as base to our senses. Theses feed the world of the eventual active holograms which play on the wandering active mind. The past war may be cold or have been taken away but it appears that its causes always reappear to be fought over and these we should bring to a group which can work with these areas creatively.

The second book "Politics and Freedom" finds the basis of what these topics are and senses the fact that the Imagination is the way which is heavily controlled by the seasons, and hence the Sun's direction, as the light hits the Earth's atmosphere. The source of this is the core or "Black Hole" energy of existence and this is always trying to balance itself out so it always remains in existence, in balance. The trouble is the fact that nature has reversed polarities and mirror images of itself and often when our minds are dealing with our bodies and the outside material we do not see the reversals. We do this by letting go completely in sheltered areas like a church or temple. For many this is worse than dying because we cannot become really timeless. We have to learn how each different space, and hence time, works at least to a point where we feel safe. I put forward the idea that different professions and regions stand for certain mirror images of the different plate or "heaven"-horizon values within the "Intelligent Pyramid". But if the childish wish has already gone sour, then demonic powers can soon take over, and if we are too much orientated to only our wish of steadfastness then we shall not change so as to learn other horizons and cultures which can be valid to a high degree. We shall dig in our heals because we cannot interchange. I go through all the consciousnesses and outline their capabilities and failures in such a way we can see how life is contained in space which is mostly planned.

The next part is called "Music- Time Packages" and describes the role of Time Dimensions. It appears we have Holographic Being on one side of material existence and on the other, the soul boundaries which define the task so we feel "time come to us". This happens when we get into a space which carries Universal timeless knowledge and this we define when we know our higher personal wish to create. It is so important for our very survival now to realise how we achieve the balance between mind, body and earthly spaces or our hope-raising advertising and grab-and-get society or it will explode in our faces. I go through the rhythms which trigger off the Universal and Relative worlds into an attainable germ of life. I end the section by showing music's trick to make us keep wandering because nature's cycles are not quite pure circles. We can try and find this relativity by slowing down the mind and in the other direction we can build "churches" to mesmerise the mind to stabilise the unevenness. Then we tend to start to fight "Crusades" to bring life back by there being some unevenness but too often this does not work in the way we wish.

The last part is called "Women - Imagination and Dreaming.. Learning" and deals with how we set the holographic image in a form of action which will prove bearable. Nature is full of ring cycles, for example in trees, as within crystals which play on themselves and between each other as memory of what has happened climatically and elementary to form useably, physical materials. This is time within space following resonant patterns of both inner and outer worlds. I explain how the Consciousnesses' work to form values which break the tension between Developmental and Universal values by understanding how time works, how information is hidden within a death-like level and because we are not stable within our own spaces. This I go on to develop in the next books as the inner, holographic message of the Anti-materials and elements and the outer as the oscillations of the planets forming climate, light, Doppler Effects and sound denoting the position in a given space, which is influenced by how it is subtly introduced into design against a Universal blue-printed sub-conscious. In this book I go on to describe the social effect of the different planets and signs and their basic values and how we might combine the East and Western traditions because they do belong together as mirror image of a nature which uses both rules and philosophies. I complete the cycle by seeing the difference between man and woman, explaining it in the same way a Conscious resonance takes place in protected nature as we approach Static and Dynamic flows in and around us. I wish to show that the reactional world is how nature's animal instincts work by being released into an elementary world which is bolstered by a holographic or spiritual padding where elements also have their tensions and stresses. We react to these in a protected space with knowledge if we understand resonance, but if not, then we explode and this can mean death and the starting again of the spiritual and material cycles.

8.Cultural, Pivot, Body Consciousnesses..                                                            

War and the Devil- Social Demise   Individuality - The City of Reality  -   The High Point - The Development of Love + Natural Consciousness'....

The description is of the Body-Pivot, Cultural Consciousnesses and how the whole comes together. Price includes Appendix.    710 pages

Poetry alone available...  Written... 1992 to1994                     new edition 2013

There is a new Consciousness system which forms culture. It is the expansion of the Developmental- Universal to form a relative way to move and so pivot our bodies in the weather - climate balance of the Earth's elements character around us. This affects the way we work with light and colour and use the tension of the elements as they move. This new system I call "Body-Pivot, -Cultural Consciousness'" and they constitute the pivotal mix of the two Developmental systems; development + universal.

The individual book parts are War and the Devil - Social Demise, Individuality - the city of reality and the last The High Point - the development of Love + Natural Consciousness. There are two key points which tally with the Universal Building at energy point "Seven", the altar and its mirror image between five and twelve. Before this Pivotal energy can form, we have to have the "Godly" energy of balanced resonance. This, in fact, is that well- known effect of the sixth note in the twelve-tone system appearing to resonate although it was only the "one" which was played. I explain that the system starts with the Prime Quantum and that "Time Values" switch on the mechanism and I show how the elements and light photons react with sound to divide space into its components. This switches an interesting mechanism of "Being - Having - Being" which allows a double security mechanism to stabilise the inner Universal, Holographic message and the physical outcome when we can find the physical outcome within our social world of design and other cultural happenings which heighten our sense of attainment.

I go through all the Body-Pivot Consciousness' and outline their meaning and what sense and Quantum Value go with what, and then I explain how the three values of Image, Transforming and Creativity are expanded versions of the original, tiny hologram which makes the cultural mind real. Then I explain how the Developmental and Body-Pivot go together to create a harmony.  In "Individuality" I start from the problems of the modern society that half stories are made to keep others away. This kills them off in such a way they do not realise what is happening. I show that we have to go back to those earlier ideas so that the Creative Stages allow the various natural segments to be found again. It should allow us to get back into the death mechanism to see what is keeping the system from really working. We can find it worthwhile to de-personalise ourselves so we can rediscover the lines of Self and Being again because they are responsive to the holographic mind when it is quiet in its dream-fields i.e. its transformation. I remind each of us that magnetism and with it love goes to pieces with shock, so if we destroy the memory mirrors, we shall not be able to regain the mechanism with which to really identify and choose. We have to reach the higher processes where the elements are refined. This I wish to put forward as a mental process derived from an old medieval process where Transfiguration is known for what it really is, as a real wonderment of higher existence. We have to be careful of too extreme positions and so we only deal with those who are "brothers". This is the trouble about not seeing new areas and only dealing with what I call "Fundamental Unity" energies. Using diagrams I show that space in and around us should be focused on and if we go with transcendental energies we shall find the other values which allow the new to become known and understood. Sound and the manner whereby noise changes its perspective and with it feeling in us provide the key to the psychic perspective which steers us and nature. I draw together certain aspects of earlier books and describe certain social phenomena and ways in which they seem to be part of natural reactions and we have to get out of this by changing our timing and place only a little in order to re-orientate ourselves and our imagination.

In the last part "The Higher Point" I develop the theme of how love is part of the natural consciousness. There is the question of the garden we were thrown out of and how it is a symbol of knowing perspectives we see from the "High Point" of higher perception. We should come to see that "Love" breaks us in two but it is only the "male" energies which can approach the animal love and move it into the physical world. If we cannot handle the energy and ignore, it we shall either possess or fight with wishes which are too large or even too small. First, the female energy has to know the Prime Quantum as the holographic source of an untouched sense; then it should be transcended to be enlightened, so revealing what is in the "Time Tunnel". This is a natural mechanism of particles moving from one vacuum energy to another. These energies I explain in the form of moving and fixed points which stick us in "no time", in a balance where we feel trapped if we are in no state of consciousness with wishes that are not accessible. As I so often do in my texts, I show how this relates to health problems or inabilities encountered in society. The way out is to know the heavens and horizons of our world and liken these to our inner bodies and minds. I show the problems and resolves of love and how we release them in creativeness and exchange if we are lucky. Always a part of the message is divided and with diagrams and descriptions I show how soul energies always release two sides of the story we all know so well. I explain aspects of religion and show how certain aspects cannot be acceptable because they do not follow the natural laws. Again I go back to grass-root explanations as to how breath and sound are the basis of our existence, not forgetting the resonance of the shape and size of our bodies. Then I explain the trouble we are in through mesmerisation and where energy values are found in the Pyramids. The key to all this is to learn about the various horizons and making sure they are not swapped over such a way that we cannot handle natures different to our own because we do not know which polarity we are in.


This last book, No.9  in the main series is undergoing its last major revision 2014 and I shall only give a loose description of its titles. It is fundamentally different in that it tries to come to grips, in a very realistic way, with life and death and to show how each affects the other so as to form another fundamental concept of consciousness which lies between the two areas.

9. Putting Existence Together....

Written between 1992 and 1995   ca 1600 pages  Edition 2017

Where to Find How and What   
Conclusion of the three-consciousness system. Diagrams from previous parts brought together and the main ideas brought together.
Death-mechanism to and from Life + Creativity.

Themes are taken from previous parts, plus new material as to how elements and senses behave and this book rivets the readers’ attention to issues that delve deeper into the theme.

Development Politic-Industry - Communication + Opposites.

The problem of authority is absolute in our society. We cannot follow unconditional authority any more, but we have to come to terms with those “problems” which lead to personal confrontation but we have to learn from those who understand nature of time in certain fields and how certain values are sensed and followed.

Chaos-Culture-Age-Demands, how to make existence better.

The Different Loves.

Price includes The Appendix                          

10. The Golden Thread..

     The Golden Thread..   Part One....       a simpler version of "Sensitivity" to read at home in a cosy corner.
                                     Part Two ....    a simpler version of “Initiation”… reading at home in a cosy corner

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  Experimental "Music Performances" titles:

       60 mins.      1. Preludium + Introduction

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