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Noetic Research - What is Conscious


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What is "Intelligent Space". 

The Basis of the Inner Sound and Vibrations                         

Important points taken out of 9 books based on the idea to work with “Sensitivity”  How space works as humans learn and exchange.

A Base for further Cooperation……

The projects which will be cruitial to understanding our senses where sub- and un-conscious inner symbols and forms show our closeness to a core supporting, Prime Quantum world... this is our sacred working at roots between each environment, room, space and ideals to be creative.


First we should describe how inner sound is the basis of "Intelligence". This is something to do with how "Consciousness" is formed and remains open, even if dormant. This is a word which in America has become important in the last 20 years because there is such a difference between “open and enclosed” ways of expression. For nature to be understood spaces need to be enclosed, but in such a way we have ways in and out mentally and physically. What makes Consciousness work develops into the subject of "Noetics". One of the themes that is so very important for my work with Noetics is the way to understand how space works on us and in particular on nature. Both these topics of consciousness and use of space are things which in our present situation produce heated debate. This is because space has to do with political and even individual power through the idea of nationhood within certain older cultures. The other debate is about intelligence and as this has to do with an old problem of superiority we should come to terms with it to understand “freedom”, with particular regard to the question whether it be the idea of speech or carrying arms. This runs, in the world of teaching and hence earning, a world which has to come to terms with how we use those memorised facts that we have “caught” as we open and close our senses. Memory has to do with how we support individuals with something they can work with in their space by having passed a certain standard. We have to ask how formal we need to be. We have to ask how many certificates we need in order to be “intelligent” in a certain space to make it “ours”. The Inner Sound is a way back. We should become aware of knowledge in a different manner, starting with the vibrational base upwards. It has to do with just how we, together with the animal and even the plant world use elementary senses to find harmony so that we go beyond the chaos. The Inner Sound looks for the inner ecology of existence through vibrations behind light and even sound. When we “turn round” then we should be able to open materials up to understand how they are eventually exchanged between people in their inner emotional reality. In simple terms "Space" is the area where people, whether it be inside or outside a building,, should creatively use areas so as to deal with those aspects of existence which allow them to understand sensory and emotional experience through movement but at the same time feel safe. Sometimes experiences go hopelessly wrong. We should ask how we deal with these mishaps without emotionally going to pieces. Although it appears many people are around to pick up the pieces “professionally” because of these problems, so rather than finding ourselves like little children having lost the creative impulses of existence we should be able to get back to the foundations of creativity. We have to be able to ask if we can fill space with acceptable images and vibrations. So what appears to be empty space is in fact full of defined movements. These make polarities and wave lengths as a base for light and sound, something making a form of Universal Matrix for our so-called open or chaotic experiences.

In scientific terms we can liken them to the "Anti-material" and their Quantum sources. This may mean that in education we are already living in a both spiritual and creative world before we even start doing anything to make the world change physically. In the books I have defined why this seems to be the case. This is based on the aspect of how knowledge is fuelled by an "intuitive" knowledge affording a matrix in and around us. This we should assimilate clearly and confidently into our emotional mental ways to help us store meaningful information. We should be able to memorise without becoming either arrogant or simply overbearing. We allow a natural acoustic to work on us so space should work for us naturally.

I should remind the reader that many religious traditions has tried to bear down on us with pre-formed beliefs out of bounds to practical experience whereas the whole should be an experience of understanding how time and space are interchangeable. This is a question of knowing how we become open in an orderly fashion to the large and smaller areas of the Noetic matrix.

The key to the Philosophy ….

We should ask how we come to a consciousness system or Universal Matrix which can be used as the base of the Inner Sound. For many years I was working on a way to improve the astrological presentation of the circle. Astrology is an important intellectual tool because it allows key values forming the different parts of existence to be portrayed successfully. I came up with the idea of the base symbol being a Pyramid structure. This is because the shape has a very important effect within nature in allowing  inner nature to “stand still” so it can be sensed. Normally we appear to live in such a mixture of experiences it is difficult to come up with anything worthwhile except under the umbrella of very rigid intellectual models which do not reveal an understanding of practical existence. Using sensed and practical experience over many years based on working with the "Arts" but coming back to my knowledge of the Social Sciences I started to realise how simple movement to form musical sounds and strokes on a canvas brought the two worlds together at a very deep level of perception. Then later I realised that the emotional experiences with the special religious buildings made up the lost reality, placing time and space together. It is our many different existential life and cultural experiences which should be memorised and allowed to come together through many ah-ah experiences which should be placed on canvas or played on instruments which show up the Matrix. It is a way to combine hard facts with the soft essence of appreciation but only gaining a meaning when space is meaningful emotionally and so vibrationally. This means that even the science of Maths can be made to speak in a multi-dimensional world to the inner mind and so open the artistic muse. Learning often is a hard memorising experience rather than a mixture of finding that the knowledge base is our emotional world to balance mind and body and how the senses are directed from a Universal "acoustic and vibrational matrix, as far as I can see from so much experience.

 Theory  ….

We have to have models and symbols to help us and these are developing from roots which go back over thousands of years, being the base of our religions. I believe they evolve around the key values developed within Hindu, Buddhist, and Jewish - Cabalistic thought, and Christianity. Over generations they have been changed but each key value belongs to a certain part of the Earth. This means they should be seen within their cultural base. They influence the way each group exchanges socially and personally and it should be asked if the first step was the personal exchange or the intellectual philosophy. I have heard from a Buddhist that the finest of the values is Christianity but it has left a heavy toll on the outer material practice of the Western world. The rougher values of practised Eastern religions have left another way of life which necessitates a stronger social structure. This balance between strength and weaknesses are contrary to the factual West which develops intellectual interest groups. This sidesteps the Eastern way of “oneness of all existence”, where life, as death experience, is treated as one. We should ask if we can really pick up the pieces in the next life so successfully. Yet to find a Universal Matrix encompassing both East and West needs to be understood through knowing integration of existence but finding that there is separation. In this way all the values of conscious and sub-conscious existence are brought alive within a base philosophy. When we make a gap between East and West then the essences of either sub-conscious or conscious existence are taken out.

In the past, by separating key cultural values, then there was a protection which was very rigid. In this way values are not “owned” by the other half, so producing a fail-safe way to save the Earth from being taken over by any one way of existence. Because of this natural protection we find that understanding is different. The Earth has many mirrors so that experiences and sense orientation can be the opposite way round in each tradition. These different perspectives show up in the differing ways we live and die within different people and groups. Often there are small differences within what appears to be similar attitudes. Certain behaviour or thought appears in such a way that it can destroy or bring life to relationships even from a slightest false movement or position in a given space. We are far more mixed and so it can be the richness or poverty of the neighbourhood which makes the difference and not any mental reality. This closeness makes relationships between people fragile and in danger of a certain violence. Rather they should be based on understanding. In this Noetic area, this has to do with understanding what Conscious existence really means to nature. Here we should look for unity between peoples although those parts which make them separate, keeping their integrity, is important. Often these are cultural ways which allow the Earth and its nature to survive in any particular area.

I have developed a musical sound presentation within “Inner Sound” which takes key elements of each musical traditions and embedded them in a new presentation of sound experience. It is the deeper inner values which are sensed when we really feel ourselves into this music, I wish to present …..

We should learn to perceive what is happening around us by dividing the sensed perception into experienced areas which are stable. Each culture has a way to support a perspective of existence. The Aborigine sense is to find what makes people tick intuitively so there is less resentment. As well, there is the use of the Eastern science of Astrology, which can guide us to sense the different effects of the Cosmos on us. Each traditions is another part of the whole existential story. What we do and what we sense and wish to use intellectually has to be sensitively memorised and then checked over time.

Over years of work I have reorganised Astrology into a "Personal" developmental tool. There are special connections to the sciences but the key for me lies in a spatial Universal Matrix found all around us which allows us to divide the mind and body “horizons” better. I've already discussed the need to check the use of mental and physical space. Here, my courses and books are a key into the area where we relearn a sense of culture and personality without being dragged into a morass of unwanted commands. We know that there are the traditional ways, by learning two basic Indian Yoga traditions, Patajali, Jana and the interconnection to Kundalini.

My own experience eventually shows that the special understanding of sounds and space and the inner mental processes connected to breathing and movement allow us to activate a higher intellect consciously. In this way we can actually gain a more Universal approach between physical and mental “worlds”. That the Yogas are and have an accepted way of training the mind for many generations in the East and now in the West their energies devoted to change the mind and body cannot be denied yet I found that when on these refined levels, as with any finely balanced philosophy, we dare not apply any mental or physical pressure or otherwise we are in serious trouble as actually happens in Quantum laws. Consequently we should take their essences but in such a way that we find them for ourselves. As western Christian traditions are important I found myself able to show that there were parallels with both East and West which cannot be denied when East is placed in West. For example I found that in buildings we could use the Eastern Consciousnesses skilfully as Psycho-Acoustic tools to support our tasks and our individual personal tasks, and then we can gain further mental skills. These findings were only happening after I had been using a very refined Astrology after understanding the sensitivity gained from certain Yoga ways. This included a practical knowledge while giving counselling sessions. I developed an intellectualised Music language as a base on which to build a Consciousness or Noetic “Web”. These tools contain "Universal Key Symbols“ specially placed in both mental and physical spaces. They are the Psycho-acoustic tools which allowed me to confront scientific aspects of existence including Quantum Physics and Cosmology as other ways of thinking. These key areas of knowledge show that Galaxies, through their Doppler Effect, are working back to front together with the Planets around us compared to the laws we know on Earth. For example, Galaxies are considered to represent the emotions and Planets, as spiritual ways. In this way we expect spirit to be further away than emotion yet this is opposite to our norm. We can study these relationships in Sacred buildings showing how space makes “still” fakes or “False Vacuums” in Quantum Physics allowing a level of Universal principles to be realised in a personal “stillness”. If we speak to other Noetic scientists from Inst. of Noetic Science or the Scientific and Medical Network members we shall reveal the interdisciplinary relationships of nature. Brains and Cells on the micro level open up similar rules of a Universal Matrix automatically giving religions like Buddhism a higher level or even Cabalistic knowledge. These run parallel to Physical and Quantum Laws and structures found in Social science. With the Astrology I found myself using a marvellous instrument with which to make an existential and creative tool for finding mental and physically creative perception, by first redefining the meanings. It makes it possible to return chaotic cultural mixtures back to their original seed meanings. This is useful for an existential system, whether it be symbolic or factual. This means there is a way social scientific tools can be found and extended in such a way that they can be enhanced.

This is a task I first started in mid 1986 for which I took some five years to work out a basic structure. It included three Noetic or Conscious systems which I considered necessary for existence to “work”. Remember, we have to go in behind the normal philosophies and find core meanings behind any religion and culture so that we can use them as tools. It had helped in the developing process to use results taken from counselling, including my observation of social structures. Between each I found that when there were parallels they were not necessarily similar, coming as they did from another perspective, because the Earth has different time zones caused by the Sun and Seasonal movements but we have mirror processes where physical processes in one area become mental processes in another. This means they break and come together using different rules. I have had the help of excellent scientists to place this in a multi-dimensional system. It means traditions like genetics, quantum physics and higher mathematics can be mixed if we come clear with the different “languages”.

Practice One …..

The personal work to form basic values within an existential understanding can be divided into the following ways to perceive first ourselves and then second, the outer world. This is first the Inner and then Outer Sound ….

We can take the 12 different areas of what I shall call, basic astrological meanings, and we can give them so called "simple” values. These are; Exoteric + Esoteric Free talent, Exoteric + Esoteric Calculation/Thinking, Creative Source  + Balance, Exoteric + Esoteric Creativity, Possibility/Awareness/Stimulation, Abstract/ Pure Values, Balance between subconscious + calculated values and last and highest, "The Personality/Individuality“. I have used Astrology much as a  good language base as it has developed over many thousands of years. It can now start to explain a multi-dimensional approach as it is necessary to know what influences our creative, destructive or even those so-called boring moments in our lives. What I managed to achieve was to find a connection to the Yogas within our own body and mind in such a way there was a relationship to the sacred spatial areas of a temple or church. In fact the materialisation of that matrix is found in Hinduism, Buddhism and even Christianity particularly in ritual but very clearly in the geometry of the buildings. We should use individual experience to try and put aspects of existence together for ourselves within a body-mind experience.

Many terms have to be explained more fully, and so here is a short description to help …. Esoteric is in today's terminology about being aware and knowing secret and subconscious values. Then there is Exoteric. This is the outer materials or graspable outcomes, even those of the mental, personal and social experience. Creativity is the gathering and sharing process of material value which can even be subconscious, for example our emotions. To some people these are open and to others a closed area of experience. Creativity affords products and services which allow us to share. This happens in a very clear-cut way when we are able to mentally change, allowing a sophisticated exchange process using advertising to attract others. The process starts when we find something that we consider can be made valuable. This can only be done when there is an interlink between mental images and a physical material system. They become open and trusted over time like a fashion which arouses some surprise but it is not so outrageous.  We gain movement within a given space where we come to know other existential values. Free Talent is what nature endows the system with as materially possible. This happens when time is considered right. Although when the process is deep, it is only experienced as latent, ungraspable reality. This is the finer energies controlling the seasons as light values change. Talent is there because Being is always to be had so long as we can come to a mental stop to ponder our surroundings. It can be either peaceful, or even violent, when we are not fully aware of this slowing down process. It shows how existence is always "there, under our “feet”. It fits into the life force when we can show how the natural clocks work to protect us and nature. These are the cycles of day, month + season and we need to know how to use and protect ourselves from experience we can and cannot handle.

This is difficult for many to understand although maybe in science the interlinks with Universal facts is a key way through. This means that within nature there are stable crystalline and vibrational structures, although there appears outside to be Developmental chaos there are important structures bringing unity. Somehow we can tame nature so as to find Universality, which we can describe as the right way through sub-systems to form mirror images of a Universal micro “Blue Print”. Here our senses are able to create barriers to the different vibrations so that there is an interlink between material and vibrational worlds. In this way organs are formed. Humans try and use this mechanism to create products which enhance the use of each sense, for example as a memory. We do this using a certain organisation of the material world to split our emotional intake and so retard reaction. But because we are not sure of the interlink between the inner "Quantum" and chaos just what to collect and just how to react, produced through unclear perspectives we can soon deform the sense organs and cause them not to be reactive enough to the natural animal mechanisms. In this building process of our material world we can easily tend to fall flat, which takes the mind into depressions or aggressiveness. This we might regularly know when exchange does not work. Much has to do with our sense of existential experience as we move around in many different places. In this way we can transform and interchange views. If we are unable to get through, we can easily be hurt because we cannot hunt for the illusive stability to sense the "enclosed“ processes. We cannot find a home in a particular building or organisation although we are forced to work there or meet other people we are having trouble with. At times we mix up processes and end up with power play between people. This more open mechanism, I believe, will come better in hand by our understanding the Hertz frequencies ranging from as low as the E.L.F. found in the inner brain up to very high GHz. known in our Mobile telephones and microwaves. Each vibrational level forms sheaths of mental sensual influence and opens only certain aspects of existence to reveal just what is happening. This works within the field of particles both on a physical and non-physical condition. Material and holographic worlds should interact in such a way that they reveal a protective image in the mind. This is our learning environment which most minds are trying to achieve. It can be a way to move around or a way to speak or a way to hold other people’s attention etc. We are reminded that nature's cycles of creating stable life forces wins when we are away from the laboratory whereas the laboratory can easily make for dryness and inactivity. These laboratories can include that very learning process which should be full of emotions, yet at which level and for what achievement and inquiry? It appears we have to grasp hold of a "Consciousness System“ to survive the change from processes in a building and those in wild nature so we grasp hold of a held cultural system with learnt materials and facts which are often mentally pushed as absolutes by a group when in fact they are in flux.

My next process, found through Yoga and these Astrology values, was to ask where the existential values are found within "places" in and around us. First I found resonance in us using Patajali Yoga and these I could confirm as parallel in our outer world by feeling resonance processes in each Holistically (sacred geometry) shaped Building because of a their "Godly" shape, by creating what appears to be resonance effects. Later, after creating special Creative shapes from the astrological symbols I found similarities with old and new scientific values. We are told already in the Bible that Churches hold all the factors necessary for Existence! Even then it appears not to work but then I fell on the idea to combine the Musical Key System combining this with particularly made sounds in different key places in the sacred building and so different “conscious” balances were being produced. Together with various combinations of the intellectual movement of keys to make sounds I crossed the path of my intellectual rescuer! This was a Noetic System which included mental mind and experiential mind using “sound” and “art”.

Practice two ….

I had started for many years with an unusual astrological diagram of a double pyramid and placed the values according to their creative rank, using both their astrological and  symbolic values which I found after a while they contained elements of the Kabala and eventually the way Churches are laid out with their altars and Holy places. Before this, I brought very fine meditative yoga practice into churches and came to the conclusion that the Indian Consciousness values and the placing of Christian statues, ceremonies and values coincided in rather a remarkable way after seeing that descriptions of Yoga values tallied with Bible ones at different levels or that several heavens make way for a world with many heavens and not just one. This is because the Earth is a Steady State globe containing at any one moment all values of Micro and Macro levels according to the movement of the Sun. So what’s to do in a multi-dimensional world? The micro and macro values I realised came from the fact that in astrology we have Planets which we can call spiritual or maybe quantum values, we have Star Signs, representing the Galaxies, which we can call emotions or ionic-electro-magnetic pulses and we have Houses which we can call material reaction or physical form also showing in stored form as "Intellectual" knowledge.

After much thought I realised that the emotional effects of the musical key system and the effects of an Indian Magic ritual symbol tallied i.e. the movement from Major to Minor, the change necessary to form flat and sharp keys. These I called Image System (Awareness, Information + Response), Transformation System and Creative + Sharing System following specially laid down patterns in mathematics, ceremonies in the Catholic Church and resonance effects in holy buildings. Before I could put them into operation I had to develop the different perspectives of existence and so I twisted the first Double Pyramid into all its different positions ... there are four positions possible which I called Developmental. These I placed inside the main "Universal" system as different actions within the Holistic aspects of the church as well as world of wisdom. Luckily I was able to feel the effects of the different planets including the most important, Sun and Moon on the Earth, as our "Home". Through counselling  and some reading I saw the effects of what we can call the building and keeping of "Intelligent Spaces". The world of TV and Film helps us to realise the links and perspectives of the cultural differences which divide how material is divided according to the elements. The picture which comes up is, for example, like the work being done by Bob Jahn and Devereaux on old religious sites where they have come up with facts which show a mathematical Hz frequency system within the resonances of each old site which holds the whole together, a common dominator of the resonance Hz frequencies as a ring round the centre of constant value, 110Hz.. I would suggest that we start by going into each key position in these holistic or holy buildings and find the imaging positions of the different perspectives within the Double Pyramids. There are other connections to the electro-magnetic aspects of the Earth including the Ley Lines around and inside these religious sites (work of Jim Lyons). These connections are found in places like the large Cathedrals of Cologne and Chartres where the whole city is marked with key energies and divided in its occupational structure mirroring the Double Pyramid of the Intelligent Space, a so-called intellectual model which is also found in real existence. After further investigations and through experience, both of a personal kind and of the kind gained when seeing matters develop in my counselling through the effect of different places I came to understand that descriptions like Saint John's Revelations in the Bible were a realisation of how the creation is transformed from a source sound point so it comes to know all the different factors which spin off an action, creating sound. This is its quality and its position. I've seen very clearly in the work of Wiedergut (Austrian research group in Graz) that the spiral movement of energy (c/s) change as they accelerate from the point of balance between Quantum (unaware) and Material (aware) existence, so forcing a line of endless energy to support "Life" and the energies which do not fit, as death.

My next job was to see that the musical key system in all its different combinations could be made to show this movement between Quantum (unaware) and Material (aware) so I developed combinations to make a "Developmental", a "Universal" and "Cultural or Pivot" system. These systems built blocks of information between the different Perspective Developmental Pyramids as we find in real existence so that we can build multi-dimensional forms that holds many different spatial existences in creation and exchangeable structures. I have described these combinations in many different forms, their spiritual energy, artistic impression, their holistic resonance and the buffer between Quantum world, Senses and their way to form cultural values.

This work is a basis of further scientific work to combine art, spirituality and intellect but at the same time to be "Practical" in our work as I see clearly the necessity to create from nature, to learn how to exchange again within a sustainable natural system. We have to learn again about health, healing and therapy so cycles of personal and group infection and psychic pressure from nature and individuals are understood and counteracted.

The Inner Sound,
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